Cracking the Challenging Class

A two-part DVD series addressing distracting/disruptive behaviour in whole-class settings.

This DVD series uses a number of classroom scenarios (with students) and teacher leadership presentations addressing the most commonly asked questions relevant to the hard-to-manage / challenging class.

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A two-part DVD series on managing behaviour in the classroom :- by Dr Bill Rogers.
Using classroom simulations Bill explores why classes can become difficult to manage and how we can enable a fresh start for the class and the teacher.
This two-set DVD series addresses the issue of challenging classes and challenging behaviours.
Bill offers practical, tried and tested approaches to help teachers manage, and lead, disruptive students and challenging classes.
DVD 1 Running Time 65 minutes :
• Common distracting/disruptive behaviours
• Addressing distracting and disruptive behaviours
• Negative effects of such behaviour on class group
• The crucial nature of colleague support and challenging classes
• The challenge of establishing order, focus, direction with new class groups
• Core practices and skills of behaviour leadership in teaching
• How to develop a fresh start with a class that has ‘lost its way’
DVD 2 Running Time 90 minutes :
The common questions and concerns teachers raise about challenging classes such as :-
• The use and extent of punishment/consequences
• Is behaviour leadership skill, in teachers, more than personality?
• Managing anger in self and others
• Students who harass teachers
• Re-establishing with a class group / making a ‘fresh-start’
• Colleague mentoring
(Seventeen questions are addressed in this second DVD.)

Cracking the Challenging Class
By Dr Bill Rogers
This two-part DVD series was produced in the U.K. by Bill Rogers. Set in a Government high school, Bill works with students to ‘re-create’ the typical distracting and disruptive behaviours teachers need to manage in the more hard-to-manage / challenging classes and students.
The second part of the DVD series is a teacher workshop where Bill addresses the most commonly asked questions, by teachers, about challenging classes.
Programme notes containing substantial written material to support the DVD can be obtained (free) from the Sage website []. This material and the DVD series are ideal for staff workshops and professional development in this area.
Dr. Bill Rogers is a teacher, education consultant and author. He conducts in-services and seminar programmes across Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. and Europe in the areas of behaviour management, effective teaching, stress management, colleague support and teacher welfare. He has also worked extensively as a mentor-coach in classrooms; team-teaching in challenging classes in Australia and the U.K. {He is a Fellow of the Australian College of Educators and Honorary Life Fellow of All Saints and Trinity College : Leeds University and Honorary Fellow at the Graduate School of Education, Melbourne University}.

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