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2023 Australian Calendar

The Seminars listed below are open to all Educators/Classroom Teachers. 

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Mon, 16th of October, 2023

A Whole-School Approach to Behaviour, Leaderhip & Management  

 The seminar will address the core and essential practices of behaviour leadership and discipline at the classroom level and the schoolwide duty of care management in non-classroom settings.

There will be a practical emphasis on core practices and skills in addressing a range of distracting and disruptive behaviours in school settings with particular reference to challenging behaviours.

The issue of at-risk students will also be addressed, as will the crucial nature of colleague support within the school community.

In addressing these issues, awareness will be referenced to the impact of the Covid lockdown on young people in schools today.


Venue: Peebles High School, Springwood Road, Peebles EH45. Scottish Borders.

Mon, 6th of November, 2023

Positive Behaviour & Classroom Management  

Join us for an exciting event with renowned educator, Dr Bill Rogers, as he speaks about Positive Behaviour & Classroom Management. This in-person event will take place on Monday, November 6, 2023, starting at 09:00 AM GMT.

During this engaging session, Dr Bill Rogers will share his expertise and insights on effective strategies for managing classroom behaviours and creating a positive learning environment. With his wealth of experience, he will provide practical tips and techniques that can be implemented in any educational setting across primary and secondary phases.

The event will be held at Wellington Road, Hanley, ST1 3QH. This convenient location offers easy access and comfortable facilities for all attendees.

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to learn from one of the leading authorities in the field of education. Join us for an inspiring and informative day with Dr Bill Rogers!

Venue: Hanley St Luke's C of E Aided Primary School, Wellington Road Hanley ST1 3QH United Kingdom

For Full Details & To Enrol: Dr Bill Rogers: UK Tour on Positive Behaviour & Classroom Management Tickets, Mon 6 Nov 2023 at 09:00 | Eventbrite

Wed, 29th of November, 2023

Behaviour Management and Behaviour Leadership in the Classroom 

Contact: Ben Sperring - Director of School Improvement


                Second Floor, St Paul's Way, Community Centre

                 83 St Paul's Way, London E3 4 AJ

To Enrol:  https://letta.org.uk/train/cpd/

Website:   www.letta.org.uk

Twitter:    @LETTA_Training

Phone:     020 3405 1120

Wed, 12th of June, 2024

Cracking the Hard Class - PRIMARY 

NSW - Waterview Convention Centre, Homebush, Sydney 

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Fri, 14th of June, 2024

Cracking the Hard Class Teachers - HIGH

NSW -  Waterview Convention Centre, Homebush, Sydney 

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